Certtin helps trusted organizations...

Issue and Trace your notarized certificates & badges as verifiable credentials secured by Blockchain technology.

Convenient issuance.Effortless sharing. Instant Verification

The next generation of digital credentials is born and it is revolutionising the way that data is trusted in our economy

Certtin is a convenient solution for issuing and managing digital certified duplicates. Keep certificates within the control of your organisation while Certtin guards against qualification fraud and false claims of employment and achievement.

Certtin equips recipients with secure certificates that are easy to share and instantly verifiable by 3rd parties. Help bring value and trust to their experiences and accomplishments. This is the simplest solution to issue certificates for qualifications, participation, volunteering, skills passport, employee training, verified CVs,  and more. Make the data revolution work for you!

The Certtin Ecosystem

Digital Credentials Drive Your Business Forward

Record of learning, matric certificate, employee training certificate, employment certificate, accreditation bodies
Membership, attestations,

LMS, Notary, CRM, Consent Management, Procurement, Recruitment

KYC, Membership

Qualifications, internships completion,
Transcripts, Letter of attendance, Reference letters

Training Certificates , Recruitment Reference Letters, Licenses, Employment online Badges , KYC Validation

The Certtin advantage

Streamline Operations

Custom dynamic certificates, multi-channel issuance and integration-ready APIs

Increase Security

A multi-layered approach to security to secure users, data and access

Cost Saving

Business process digitalisation and unlimited issuance on all plans

Trace your Data

Data mobility Insights to reveal the interaction of your certificates it the market


Our Pricing

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$ 9 Month
  • Issue up to 100 certs per year
  • Blockchain Wallet
  • Template Designer
  • Hosted Url
  • 1 Admin


from $ 79 Month
  • Unlimited Issuance
  • Bulk Issuance
  • API Integration
  • Smart Ad Banner
  • Revoke and End Dates updates
  • 12 custom templates
  • Basic Insights
  • Access to Add-ons: Advanced Smarts Ad; Custom Integration; Unlimited Templates; Custom SubDomain; Designer Support


Hyper Personalized Model

Ask for Quote
  • White Labelling Issuer Portal and Recipient App
  • Dedicated Nodes
  • Premium Integration
  • Advanced Insights
  • Customized Training
  • Dedicated Support


Partner Engagement Program

Add Value
  • All Advanced Features & Options
  • White Label Issuance
  • Dedicated Roadmap
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Dev Team
  • Revenue Share Model

Start issuing certs today!

Bring value and trust to the training, memberships, skills references, work achievements provided by your organization .

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Are you an NPO ?

We value social innovation. It is in our

If you are a non-profit or involved in some
cool, ground breaking social impact work,
reach out to us and we will hook you up with
credits to issue digital certifications.

The tech is enabling us to enhance our reach while creating more value for our brand !
Roan Mccabe
Experience Director
Blockchain is just a byproduct of the potential linked to owning your data in the digital economy
Mustapha Zaouini
Blockchain certificates can be used in any scenario or business processes that requires verification of authenticity. They have made this process simple with Certtin.
M. J Felix
Founder of Mindset Theory Sdn. Bhd
"We used Certtin to issue certificates for our event, The Alternate Future Summit 2021. We created different templates and we managed to issue certificates for the Hackathon participants, organizers, and event speakers. The reaction was positive due to the originality of these blockchain certificates and how easy it was to share.”
Maria Silva
Brand Marketing Manager at Get Boarded

Start issuing certs today!


The quick and simple solution to issue blockchain notarized digital certificates and validate for authenticity.

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